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The Redditch Spiritualist Centre

Spiritualism embodies the main ideas of all Religions, that there is a life after death, immortality & the existence of a God.

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Education & Training

Why do Spiritualists need education? Education brings confidence in both knowledge and understanding

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Spiritual Healing & Meditation

Spiritual healing involves the channelling of healing energies from the world of spirit through a Spiritual Healer to the patient and can bring...

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Workshops & Training

Workshops are organised throughout the year covering a range of subjects to dispel commonly held myths and fears.

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Special Events

Special events are held to raise funds for the centre and to add variety to the annual programme of activities.

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Spiritualist Weddings


Spiritualists’ National Union Ministers and Officiants are fully trained to carry out marriage ceremonies, which include the necessary binding vows....

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Naming service for children and adults are special occasions and are very meaningful to the person being named as well as their family and friends.... 

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Spiritualist Funerals


Many people are relieved when a person has made their own funeral wishes known.  The Spiritualists’ National Union also allow you to record your own personal wishes.

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Private Readings


Private readings are available with our resident Mediums on the first Friday of each month.


Open the door to your spiritual pathway.

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Coffee Morning

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The Redditch Spiritualist Centre

would like to welcome you....

Redditch Spiritulaist CentreOur website is here to help you find all of the information you need to understand the nature of the Redditch Spiritualist Centre and the numerous opportunities we offer to develop your interest in spiritualism.


Through this website you can contact the team of volunteers to help you with any questions about Spiritualism.


The Redditch
Spiritualist Centre >

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For those interested in learning more about the religion of Spiritualism we hold a Tuesday Afternoon Divine Service at 1.30pm where people of all faiths, or no faith, are welcome to attend.


Education and TrainingSpiritual Healing