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Education and Training

Resident Tutors  

Jo Pattison, Max Stewart 
Mediumship Group and psychic awareness group

MEDIUMSHIP for individuals who can make a link with Spirit and wish to deepen the evidence. Monday Evening 7.30pm - 9pm

PSYCHIC AWARENESS  Saturday alternate weeks  9.30am - 11am

Using progressive exercises the tutor will introduce the student to meditation, visualization, symbol interpretation and psychic perception. These techniques will enable the student to gain valuable insight into new and difficult situations in daily life and develop a greater awareness and understanding of their own energies and spiritual nature.   This is a natural progression towards mediumship. 

Thursday evening weekly 7.30pm – 9pm 
Weekly meditation grouP

Experience the benefit of meditation using colour, music and inspiration.
Improve your self confidence and well being.

Open to everyone. Entrance Fee Applies.
Induction Courses for Full Membership of the Centre

These courses are run from time to time throughout the year for Associate Members who may wish to become Full Members of the centre.  The course covers many subjects including the History, Religion, Science and Philosophy of Spiritualism. 


No charge.


WorkshopsSpiritual Healing